An email landed the other day from a guy I haven't seen since 1988. David Glover had read my book, and reached out to share some strangely common threads. We had some beers last night to compare life notes, from when we both started as young lightshow lads in the early 1970's.

We traded and hired lights, and then later he formed an advertising agency that I found when I needed to get Australian Monitor onto the world stage. They did good work - using very early Apple Mac's for desktop publishing that superseded the typesetting lady I had been using. Literally - she would prepare text, output on bromide, and after pasting an advert up, it would go to the photo reproduction house for film. Then the printer would make a plate from the film. Took time, cost money.

David then helped launch the Remo store at the corner of Crown and Oxford street which was a sensation for a while until Remo got too ambitious. I lost touch, but he told me a lot of what he has done since and I think HE should write a book! Smart guy. Glad my book brought us back together.