Jess-and-Dad-at-start-of-Cradle-Mtn-walk-1999 At the start of the Cradle Mountain treck, 1999.

My daughter would follow me around like a puppy. We are very close, and I'm always having little heart leaps thinking of her, now mid 30's, down in Wollongong running that little church with Nathan. Her kids are my grand kids. I'm super fortunate!

Had we not had the ectopic pregnancy, I'd have a 37 year old too, probably a son, I fantasise. I'd imagine a chaotic mini-me, blundering happily from disaster to triumph. I wonder what he would be like - and would he be named Eggbert, as we had joked when we started trying to have kids? Jess is very much my daughter - we share a lot of positive personality traits and a few faults. But she also picked up the best of her mum, and seems to have avoided the worst of her parents.

One of her strengths is that 'push-through' mentality of just getting the job done. Working around barriers, no means maybe and never means tomorrow. In the church setting it means her and Nathan go where the needs are, work with the people, and prioritise as every day changes. They know to do more with less, and to be gracious and say yes when help is offered.