1982-with-Peter-Molloy- When we stored petrol.

It was late 1981. NSW faced petrol shortages due to 'industrial knuckle' as Kurnel refinery workers went on strike. So like some people who really needed it, I hoarded petrol. This photo is in the photo gallery of my book, illustrating the chapter 'Starting Again' about my foray into live production that started in 1980. I'd left Barratt Lighting and built a touring production system that I carted around in my Ford F350 petrol engined truck.

Back then petrol engines in trucks was common, up to 8 tonners. Mine was a Cleveland 300 cubic inch six, which gobbled petrol. So I had a 200 litre drum, which I'd forgotten about until I looked at this photo. It's on the right, and my bedroom is through the wall. In front of the grey drum is an orange plastic gerry can. I can smell it now.

That we didn't explode I don't understand, since Peter Mollay (Molloysie) was a chain smoker. He is the skinny dude, and he was a wonderful colleague and ally through the first half of the 80's. Quite a character, blessed with a 'she'll be right' attitude that sometimes blindsided him, and eventually destroyed lives.

I'm hesitant to share that story, since his sister is a friend so I'd better ask her before I run down that dark back street.